Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict

This title is not click bait, I recently decluttered my stash of nail polishes and came back with a total of over 40 bottles. Before running out of your house to buy new colors get a box and start your Marie Kodo process, You really don’t need to keep A) what you don’t use B) what doesn’t work! If the nail polish is clumpy throw it away.

You will be surprised as to what a difference it will make in your everyday life to see something pretty when you look down at your hands. After all, it is the little things. Here are some of my favorite colors, names are in clockwise order.


Inside Scoop, That’s Hot! Pink, Ballet Slippers, Wine Bar


Berry Naughty, Live. Love. Carnaval, Geranium, Get Lucky


Fair Game, Too Rich For You, After School Boy Blazer, Hang Up The Heels


Adore-A-Ball, Pass-Port To Sail, Mink Muffs, Do You Take Lei Away?


Funny Bunny, Licorice, Time To Unwind, Blanc

“Work on you, for you.”

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