Best Homework Help Apps

I thought it would be suitable for my first post for back to school season to be something super practical. These resources have seen me through many a pinch during college, so I’ve decided to share the wealth.


With Socratic, you take a picture of your question and it searches everywhere online for you, bonus it works for math problems too!

Course Hero

In my experience, Course Hero has the most information and it is institution-specific as well which is nice.


I love Chegg because it gives very detailed explanations, especially for things in the STEM realm.


If there’s one app on this list everyone knows it’s Quizlet. The OG that I have been using since high school and have no idea where I would be without it.


I am mathematically challenged (it’s no secret). Mathway makes it a little easier for people like me to attempt to get over our aversions to numbers.

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