Miami Spice 2019

August 1- September 30, 2019, is the best time of the year for my inner foodie because it is Miami Spice!

I can’t imagine a better way to welcome the beginning of fall and a new semester than by eating delicious meals.

Miami Spice is specially priced lunch, brunch, and dinner at some of Miami’s best restaurants. By specially priced I mean $23 brunch and lunch $39 dinner, for three-course meals each, : ) My diet begins October 1.

You can make reservations and see the full list of participating spots here. Keep in mind that some places are only serving M-F or specifically only one meal (dinner, brunch, etc.)

Last year I stayed mostly local and enjoyed the Spice menus from Cafe Catula, Pisco y Nazca, and Old Lisbon.

This year I hope to branch out and try out some new yummy spots such as:

– Malibu Farm

– Swan

– Seaspice

These are the few places at the top of my list. Even though Miami Spice is for about two months I probably will not have the time to make it out to any more than 2-3 restaurants that are out of the way #studentlife.

Let me know if you find any hidden gems or what your favorites are this year below <3

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