How I Maintain Balayage

Ok, first things first, balayage which let’s be real is hard to pronounce. If we want to be technical it’s BAH-LEE-AHGE. I like balayage because it is very low maintenance and grows out nicely. You won’t find yourself constantly having to touch up your color every few months, which is great. Here are my tips for maintaining this highlight trend.

Starting with products, purple shampoo, this is a very important part of your hair care routine if you’ve just done anything that involves bleaching your hair. I use purple shampoo from Schwarzkopf recommended to me by my colorist. It’s a really large bottle, I transfer it to a glass pump from IKEA. Throughout researching, I have learned that it is not the best to purple wash every wash. You can use it around once a week and don’t skimp with which you choose to buy. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories of blonde going lavender because of cheap purple shampoo.

Next in your regimen should be a hydrating sulfate-free shampoo for your hair type.

Hair mask, again go for sulfate-free and something that works well with your hair type and hair texture.

Leave in conditioner, you should alternate between a few so your hair doesn’t get accustomed to the one that you have on rotation.

Avoid heat like the plague and don’t be scared of trims. Your hair will be healthier if you cut it!

My last tip is not balayage specific, but I would recommend going to a dermatologist for any scalp concerns, a lot of hair issues ironically stem from your scalp. Going to a doctor is never a bad idea! If your derm and primary care doctor give you an “ok” for biotin I would suggest to take it as a supplement as well.


Purple shampoo:

Hydrating shampoo:

Hair Mask:

Leave-in Conditioner:

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