Why I quit heat styling

Healthy hair = a very happy me.

Since dying my hair in July I have only heat styled it once (for the Jonas Brothers concert, undeniably one of the best nights of my life.) Quitting has been a struggle though I’m ngl, mostly because heat styling is the crutch of my youth. Like did anyone else iron their hair every morning in middle school?

I grew out of that phase and started to incorporate more heat protectants and restorative products into my routine. Despite this, I still would see a lot of breakages, split ends, and my hair had a dry texture. As soon as I educated myself on the process of hair lightening I realized mixing the two things together (bleaching and heat) would be a recipe for disaster. So I decided to ditch my straightener, blow dryer in the name of hair health and never looked back. Straight hair is not really my vibe anymore anyways, even when I want something sleeker a slight bend is necessary for me. My waves with a curling wand would never hold regardless, so hair rollers honestly saved the day for me. I know I’m gonna cave every now and again, but I am SO proud to say that heat styling is no longer my go-to and I have seen my hair grow in an unprecedented way.

I know my new method will not work for everyone, I suggest determining what your hair type is in order to figure out what heatless hair styling is best for you.

According to this chart, I would fall between a 2b and 2c, but my hair dries very frizzily – think Hermoine early teens. I smooth it out with a round brush once it is 100% dry and put in curlers. The full tutorial is described in this post.

What I love the most about heatless hair styling is that the outcome is different every time and the dimension it gives me. My hair falls out of these curls into waves throughout the week, and I sleep with my hair in a two-strand side braid to maintain it.

Make sure to let me know if this trick works for you, or if you have any life-saving tips to keep your hair healthy!

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