Faking Fall in Miami

Not gonna lie, I started using my favorite pumpkin body splash in late July. I spend all summer thinking about fall since it’s the best season ever. Even though the leaves don’t change color in Miami and the temps stay in the 90s until October nothing stops me from getting into the autumn mood ASAP.

The first thing I love to do is have a pumpkin spice iced coffee as soon as they hit the stands. This gives me all the deliciousness of PSL without giving me heatstroke. My Starbucks go-to is a pumpkin spice frap with almond milk and a pump of white mocha no whip.

After that I usually buy some candles, this year after transitioning to almost all soy candles I purchased some pumpkin spice and chai scented essential oils to diffuse. This was the best decision ever! Lighting candles is strictly a no for me during the hottest months of the year so widening my array of essential oils was a great solution until it cools down a little more outside.

I really got lucky this year and happened to stumble upon PUMPKINS only two weeks into September. They were outside a grocery store on display, and this made me 100 times more excited about fall because I love all things pumpkin. Although this was cute and satiated my pumpkin needs for the meantime, I cannot wait to visit the real pumpkin patch I grew up going to every year.

Next, are things to stream, my official list involves a lot of classic spooky movies and some shows. Some of my favs are Corpse Bride, Addams Family, and Scream Queens.

Planning my Halloween Costumes is another highlight of my fall time activities. I am highly looking forward to my favorite holiday and the fun looks I have planned to celebrate it. This usually involves a lot of Pinterest inspiration and binge-watching makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Come September I also love to start swapping out my wardrobe subtly. I go from lighter to darker denim, and overload on animals prints (leopard is obvi my favorite, but I am also feeling snakeskin this year.) I also see a lot of deep purple tones in my near future.

What is your favorite fall tradition?

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