The answer to your teeth whitening prayers.

Two words for you friends, Smile Brilliant. It’s no secret that coffee is literally my fuel. Iced coffee is my blood type (and I wouldn’t have it any other way), but it stains my teeth despite my best glass/silicone straw efforts.

The Smile Brilliant professional whitening kit definitely changed the game for me. I had tried whitening strips before and saw some improvement but suffered insane sensitivity which was counterproductive. I even tried oil pulling which is not as bad as it sounds, but again I was less than happy with my results.

Basically as depicted above, you make your impressions, with the gray and blue paste. It was very fun to mix for me I felt like I was a doing some experimentation for sure.

You send in your impressions to the Smile Brilliant labs in this uber-cute pink packaging, and before you know it you get your custom made trays delivered right to your doorstep. It’s like prime delivery for your dream smile.

I was so grateful that I kept researching new ways to whiten my teeth and finally found something that actually works and is a pleasant process with no side effects.

For me, it was an ultimate self-care ritual to whiten my teeth every night. I pro-tip is to whiten then brush your teeth per usual, and then apply the desensitizing gel. Of course, to maintain hygiene you should rinse out your trays with cool water, I dried mine with cotton swabs every time which was the best way to ensure they were *completely* dry before applying the gels.

Before and After pics!

If you want to see Smile Brilliant work its miracles for you as it did for me, enter for a chance to win your own kit, or use my code “victoriagabriella15” to save on any purchase.

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