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Earrings Cate&Chloe, Nordstrom

I will be the first to say I looove to pierce my ears, I have a triple piercing on both lobes and some days I wake up and want more. Getting a second piercing at Claire’s is a rite of passage to me and my sister is also a huge piercing enthusiast so she encourages these kinds of habits big time. If you are too scared to commit to a piercing, or your job doesn’t allow multiples you could always go for a cuff as a less permanent approach to the multiple piercing trend.

image sourced Pinterest

Hoops, which you probably already own in the first and these adorable butterfly studs in the second piercing is so so cute.

photo courtesy of Mejuri

Tiny hoops and “flowers that will last forever.” This set combo is something I will definitely have in my future because it is so dainty and classic.

Star hoop earrings Star Earrings Silver star hoops Huggie | Etsy
OhanaJewelShop Etsy

This combination in gold gives me all the celestial vibes and the twisted cuff is so unique.





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