Half a year of Quality over Quantity

It’s my blogaversary! I am celebrating 6 months of blogging! I know it is not the longest time but I wanted to share this post because I have grown so much these past few months. I mostly consider this blog a hobby and a digital scrapbook that I will be able to look back on in the future. I am so proud of myself for buying my name domain, choosing and installing a theme that I love all on my own and creating this little corner of the internet. It took a lot of late nights trying to set up a website, especially since I am a little technologically challenged, but I did it! Writing posts that I feel that matter has been the greatest outlet, and I encourage everyone that is interested in blogging to try it out! There’s room for all kinds of people to share their experiences in this community. Running this blog and posting ever Sunday consistently for the past 6 months has been a balancing act. Between taking classes full time, rendering behavioral therapy part-time, accumulating hours for my next board exam and everything else in between. I’ve been able to do it, and have learned that it pays to plan ahead. Hopefully, I will continue to blog through the rest of the year, sharing posts twice a week is my new goal (let’s see how it goes lol).

I love sharing my life, the things that work and the things that don’t. I love so much to have a voice and a platform to express myself that is 100% my own. I am truly so grateful for every person that has taken the time to read my blog and share their kind words about it. I simply love blogging. Let’s see where I go next, try to keep up.

– xo Victoria


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