The Best iPhone Editing Apps


This is the first app I gravitate towards whenever I need to edit a pic. It is meant to be used for photos of food (per the name) but the filters look great on people too. Y1 and Y2 are the best to brighten up a picture.


In one word TouchRetouch is a godsend. It is so easy to use for removing anything unwanted from the background of your picture. I remove people and objects using this, basically anything that disrupts my aesthetic.


With Glitty you can draw over anything with glitter! I would recommend making the brush size smaller so that you can trace over things easily with your finger.


What I love about Storyluxe: the textured backgrounds you can add to your collages and the multiple color options it offers.


If there’s one app everyone knows about on this list it’s VSCO. C1 used to be my all time favorite filter until I realized it turns blonde hair green. Usually, I will use a VSCO edit over a Foodie edit, if that makes sense.


You can use PicMonkey for anything, my favorite tool is being able to draw on my pictures very precisely using this app. The dropper tool allows you to take colors from your own photos to color over anywhere you want.

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

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