My Suncare Routine

I have become very serious about protecting myself from the sun lately. Alongside these products, I also use driving gloves and huge sunglasses whenever I am behind the wheel. Before tinting my car windows I would get sunburns and that’s when I realized how severe the sunlight exposure is.

I use these two products during my morning skincare routine.

I use one pump of this moisturizer after washing my face.
I apply this product on my neck and D├ęcolletage in an upwards motion.
When I know I am going to spend time outdoors during the day I use this stronger sunscreen on my face.
My favorite product for when I will be in a bathing suit is this one because of the handle, it makes it very easy to apply on hard to reach areas like your back.
Driving during the day as I mentioned before is a dangerous time for sun damage. I keep this sunscreen in my purse and spray it before putting on my driving gloves.

I am very much fair skinned, so I opt for an SPF 100 usually on my skin and SPF 50 on my face for the outdoors.

This lip balm is my favorite with SPF because it doesn’t leave a white cast. It has a pink sheen to it which is great because you won’t have to layer anything on top of it.
I included this perfume because sunscreen is not my favorite smell. This perfume is strong which I like but you could use a body splash or anything of that nature to distract from the SPF smell.
I carry this mini perfume in my bag whenever I know I will be reapplying sunscreen during the day.

“The only summer beauty trend I follow: sunscreen.”

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