Glossier Miami Pop-Up Store

I would describe this as quite the unique experience, like many pop-ups, you have to wait in line, it’s crowded, but fun and memorable nonetheless.

Starting with the wait, really truly it was about 40 minutes for me, I went at 5 PM on a Saturday, I am sure weekdays the showroom would be more empty. You have to wait outside in the sun, employees hand out postcards to fan yourself during this time. Also, there’s no parking (in true Wynwood nature), there’s a garage and metered lots close by. The outside of the store is adorable, the colors are vibrant and very inviting.

I love how they incorporated art deco motifs and tropical style for the store, it really shows how much attention to detail was put into this launch, and served as a nod to the location.

The staff at Glossier were very accommodating, there were no registers to pay which I liked, considering you have to wait for the better part of an hour to get inside no one wants to make another line to pay. This was also very efficient and didn’t disrupt the clean aesthetic of the store. When you are done browsing and trying out the products you check out with a salesperson on a tablet and then they call your name with your items, stickers, and the trademark pink packaging. I also liked the fact that the staff was laid back and chill, they let you just shop on your own, which creates the perfect atmosphere in my opinion.

There is a hallway converted into the perfect backdrop for photos towards the back of the showroom.

Overall, Glossier Miami was very visually pleasing, attractive and made me feel like I was in a self-care museum. If they are planning to open a permanent location I hope it will be bigger, I say this because not everyone that wants to shop here is able to wait in the heat/ be standing outside for long periods of time. A lot of the wait time has to do with the fact that the space inside is very cramped. Other than that I would highly recommend if you’re in the area to stop by. The pop-up store is located at 222 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127 and will be open until May 5.

“Skin first. makeup second. smile always.”

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